Small pellet press
Small pellet mill uses circular motion as principle, template and pressure roller adopt high quality alloy steel through special processing, main axis and flat mold drive the roller rotation under function of friction, materials get gelatinized in high temperature between pressure roller and template, protein is coagulated and expelled from model hole in pressure of pressure roller, made-up granule will be sent out through rotating discharge plate, length of particles can be adjusted by the incision. With the rapid development of industry and breeding animals biomass energy conservation projects, the flat grinding particles became very popular. Small pellet mill not only can process the feed for fish, chicken, pig and so on, but also can deal with the rubbish biological material by making into wood pellets. The small pellet mills have over 10 years of history. It is mainly used for processing feed particles by rural raiser and small farms in the beginning. Crude fiber pelletization such as wood chips, rice, corn straw, weed and so on various kinds of materials that is low adhesiveness and hard to molding for instance crops straw, living garbage, factory waste, granulating. It is suitable for low temperature granulation as biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and so on. But in recent years, in order to make it able to deal with waste materials such as sawdust biomass, grass, etc, people change the function through improving the quality of the major part in the machine.

Finally it can produce wood pellets as green fuel. Your small pellet mill machine can use your own material to make pellet. This machine can be used for granulation of sawdust, straw, biomass, paper and so on. It is not suitable for solid, liquid or plasma. This machine is of the whole sets the packing, it can be used after placed stably after unpacking moves it to proper place. The electrical wiring devices is not subject to the limits of the direction of rotation, the base line through the belt cover line to switch. Put the raw materials in after start the machine, by the swing of the rotating drum, press raw material through the die to form particles, raw materials should be gradually added, in order to avoid excessive pressure and the die impaired the hopper should not be fulfilled. Inspect the machine for once every month to check the bearing activities section, find out and repair broken part timely, and do not force the machine to move. The machine should be put in dry and clean indoor, its atmosphere shall not contain acids and other gas flow corrosive to parts of machine. After using or shutdown, operator should remove the rotating drum and clean or brush it to remove the residual, and then refit it in order to make it ready for the next time use. If stops for a long time, wipe and clean all over the machine, smooth the parts with temporary, and tent it with cloth.
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