Overview of Metal Scrap Briquetting Machine
There are two kinds of metal briquetting machine: metal scrap briquetting machine and metal packing machine, this machine is used to make all kinds of metal scrap direct to briquettes through the big pressure, make the medal scrap easy to store, transportation and reuse. Metal scrap briquetting machine can use the cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum as raw materials, cold press them into briquettes in order to convenient storage, transportation and furnace for recycling. The medal scrap is of very low loss when compressed into briquettes. Heating, add additive or other processes are not needed in the whole production process, and at the same time of direct cold forming also ensure that the original of the same material will not change. Take cast iron forming for example, after pressing it can be used instead of casting pig iron. For other special material castings, recovery significance is greater. Almost all sorts of large metal scrap can be used as materials of metal packer, scrap steel, iron, aluminum waste, waste and disassembly car shell, oil barrel and so on to cuboid, cylinder or octagon shapes of qualified furnace burden, it makes storage, transportation and furnace for recycling more convenient after packed.

Metal scrap briquetting machine is mainly used to cold press cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum and high quality metal ore with high pressure directly into 3 to 6 kilograms cylindrical or other shape briquettes, in order to reduce the cost of recycling, transportation and smelting process and make it easy to store and transport. Without adding any additives during the producing process, to compress all kinds of particles, powdered iron, aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium, molybdenum etc into high density briquettes, in order for convenient transport and cast into furnace. In the process of pressing, the original not only the same material is guaranteed and loss of casting furnace recovery is no more than 10%. Meanwhile also ensure that the shape of the original material constant, recovery more significance of special material for the casting. Medal scrap briquetting machine can also be applied to the briquetting of semiconductor material, non-metallic materials with the improvement of productivity and the expansion of the market demand. Generally speaking, medal scrap briquetting machine is mainly made up of the host machine, hydraulic pressure station and console. The frame, the hydraulic cylinder, push material hydraulic cylinder and floor, hydraulic cylinder, supporting frame and die, pressure top consist of the host machine. Frame contains the beam and support composition. Up and down beams are all made of the whole cast steel, fluctuation beam connects with four upright post the internal and external nut, work under the pressure. The hydraulic cylinder put an end to cast steel, eliminate the hidden safety trouble. The hydraulic pressure station includes motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device, control valves piece of and connection press block machine used in the pipe system formed. The console is consisted of the electrical system and PLC control system structure.
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