Poultry Feed Suppliers
You may feel that feed is very important for poultry if you are doing poultry raising. It is troublesome to mix feed for the poultry every day. The good news is you can be free from this with a poultry feed mill which can press poultry feed for ages. Poultry feed mill is a kind of feed processing machinery which can press corn grain, bean dregs, straw, grass and rice hull into poultry feed. Take straw mixed particles feed processing technology for example, in the past straw stalk feed is generally processed into powder and mix in feed, existed disadvantages are not convenient for feeding, poor palatability, picky livestock, low utilization rate and so on. The good thing is we can easily make powder feed into granule feeds tuff anytime anywhere with this this poultry feed mill. Small poultry feed mill is suitable for farm use and big poultry feed mill is for commercial use, big machine is perfect if one wants to start a pellet feed business. Straw feed processing as grains after feed has many advantages.

The poultry feed mill differs in size. The size of these machines can be very small and also can be big because their horsepower ranges from 5 to 500. The capacity starts at may be 50Kg/h and could be as much as 9 tons/h. The poultry feed are of the same size and length so they are easy to store and transport. Raw material for poultry feed is extensive and the application of poultry feed is also wide. Poultry feed made by poultry feed mill is convenient to feed, efficiency of this mill is high, easy to control the feeding amount, save feed, clean and healthy. Especially for fish, the particles feed dissolve in water slowly, will not be covered by sand, can reduce waste. The die plate and pressure wheel are made of high alloys materials, have long service life and reasonable structure. Of course there are conditioning units to add additional materials into pellets feed to make them more nutritional and physical. The right moisture is also added here to make the pellets reach food grade quality. The pellets are very hot when getting out of the die holes, and there is a cooling chamber where they can get cool to packaging and storing. This conditioning is also very important because it ensures the retention of the right moisture content in the feeds. Your poultry raising will be more convenient and you will get high return with this poultry feed machine.

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